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Optional Services

Scope of Duties, Obligations & Services of Managing Agent

Note: Unless any of the following sections are expressly deleted and initialed by both parties, they shall be deemed to be part of the Scope of Duties, Other Obligations and Services agreed to be undertaken by the Managing Agent

Optional Services

The following optional duties and responsibilities are excluded from the scope of services provided by the Managing Agent under this Agreement. Subject to a separate contract with the Managing Agent, the Managing Agent will charge separate professional fees for the following works or services:

(a) Addition and alteration works and cyclical maintenance works such as repairs & repainting works, window sealant works, roof waterproofing works, lift replacement/modernization works, water tank replacement, electrical switchgear and generator replacement works;

(b) Preparation, tendering and administering purchase of any capital equipment or improvement works to the property; and

(c) Prepare and thereafter convene and conduct General Meetings (For Purposes of Collective Sale) under The Land Titles (Strata) Act:

1. Prepare and compile meeting document in compliance with the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Chapter 158) and the LTSA Amendment Act 2010; and

2. Provide manpower for the registration of attendance, administration of meeting proceedings and voting process and keeping proper records of all documents and records; and

3. Prepare and distribute post-General Meeting notice to all subsidiary proprietors and submit draft Minutes of General Meetings to be reviewed by MCST’s Chairperson & Secretary.