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Administrative services

Scope of Duties, Obligations & Services of Managing Agent

Note: Unless any of the following sections are expressly deleted and initialed by both parties, they shall be deemed to be part of the Scope of Duties, Other Obligations and Services agreed to be undertaken by the Managing Agent

Administrative services

(a) To attend to all correspondences relating to the property on behalf of the Management Corporation;

(b) To deal with complaints, queries and suggestions received about the property and keep records of all such complaints, queries and suggestions. Where necessary, the Managing Agent shall bring such complaints, queries and suggestions to the attention of the Management Corporation;

(c) To arrange to take up insurance policies against fire, public liability, workmen’s compensation, all risks and other insurance as directed by the Management Corporation;

(d) To manage and maintain proper records and files of correspondences, documents and materials pertaining to Management Corporation matters;

(e) To maintain and update the Strata Roll of the property;

(f) To inform the Management Corporation accordingly upon receipt of any notices from the authorities;

(g) To control and manage the use of the common property, including any recreational and car park facilities;

(h) To give notices to any person in the property to comply with or remedy a breach of any of the Management Corporation by-laws approved by the Management Corporation;

(i) To co-ordinate the applications to the relevant authorities, other competent authority for all and any license, permissions and consents required by the relevant legislation to the management of the property on behalf of the Management Corporation;

(j) To prepare and thereafter convene and conduct Annual General Meetings (AGM) or other general meetings in compliance with the relevant legislation. To record and circulate minutes of these meetings to the authorities and subsidiary proprietors as required;

(k) To convene and attend all meetings with the Management Corporation and / or the Council and record, produce and circulate minutes of meetings and other papers relevant for the meetings;

(l) To prepare and upkeep minutes and resolution for circulation to the Management Corporation and / or the Council and the authorities as and when required;

(m) To keep a register of Subsidiary Proprietors and to update it on a regular basis;

(n) To keep in the place designated by the Management Council, all documents, records and as-built drawings, operations and maintenance manuals, warranties relating to the Property; and

(o) To organize social activities and functions for the benefit of the residents when directed by the Management Corporation.